The perfect moment ...

... is now!

Your photo session with me should be a wonderful and exciting experience that you will look back on forever.
It’s not about perfection and tricks, but about the real moments:

the ones that are meant to last forever.

Glad you’re here!

Images hit us straight in the heart – without beating around the bush. Images are a series of sequences of moments. Think of a beautiful summer’s day, the smell of approaching rain, the sweat of a fast gallop through the forest, the rhythmic clatter of hooves beneath you, your dog running side by side with your horse, looking up at you and you gratefully stroking your horse’s neck. Or a cold and dark winter’s day, everything is dark and yet you are still in the stable late at night, cleaning the stall and preparing the feed with ice-cold hands and yet you smile and enjoy the time, even if the sofa with its cuddly blanket is already calling loudly. So many moments, so many stories. Whatever your story is and that of your animals. I’ll capture them for you.

We usually only become painfully aware of transience when we no longer have the opportunity to spend time with beloved companions because they are no longer there or because sometimes everything can change from one moment to the next. We can’t hold on to anything, everything flows. But we can capture moments so that we can not only carry the memories in our hearts, but also hold them in our hands in pictures. That’s the beauty of photography, because that’s exactly what it does! It can capture moments that are meant to last forever.


Your perfect photo session

Let’s turn moments into images for eternity!

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I can’t remember that there was a life “before”. Before horses, before photography.

The soft nostrils, the smell, the gentleness and strength. This irrepressible strength and the tender bond of trust, the gift of wanting to be with us. I will never get enough of that!

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