About me

Only horses on my mind

That has been true for me for as long as I can remember. Strength, grace, kindness, freedom, all that characterizes them for me. I love them all, big and small, brown, black, white, wild and tamed, and I just love watching them: their body language, how they interact with each other, the dynamics of herds and all that without glitter and distraction.

Between profession and passion

In real life, I didn’t have the courage to follow my passion. My fears of not making it were too great. That’s why I studied twice and have been working as a technical writer for a few years now. This gives me the freedom to break out as often as I can. I’ve traveled a lot with fantastic photographers like Gabriele Boiselle, Carina Maiwald and Ann-Christin Vogler from Ponyliebe, I’ve trained in graphic and web design and I dream of the day when that’s all I can do.

Habanera de Binisafua

That’s her name: my favorite Lusitano mare. She came to me from Menorca to the Swabian Alb in 2017. After many battles with my fears, she is now the best horse I could ever have wished for. She is gentle and wild, loyal and up for anything. How lucky am I!?