Dog love

Of course you can live without a dog –
it’s just not worth it!


Heinz Rühmann (German actor)

When I look at dogs, I often think to myself that we simply don’t deserve them. They simply love and live with all their soul, with all their heart. Their ability to forgive us humans seems limitless to me and sometimes completely incomprehensible.

Dogs are the best companions in many situations, whether at home as comforters, sports partners or riding companions. Unfortunately, I am currently dogless and I have to admit that I feel the same way as Heinz Rühmann, if he ever really said that sentence … Nevertheless, I only want to take on this responsibility if I can offer the animal the best possible life and I can’t do that at the moment. So I’m all the happier when I get to meet and photograph your faithful four-legged friends.

Going for a walk

  • We take a walk in a group and use the most beautiful places for mini photo sessions
  • Bookable from three participants
  • Online gallery
  • 3 edited images for download
  • Additional option: more images from the session for 30 Euro/image

Investment/person: 129 Euro*

*Plus travel costs of 0.40 Euro per kilometer driven

Your photo session

  • Individual advice and planning of your desired themes
  • Online gallery
  • 6 edited images for download
  • Additional option: more images from the session for 30 Euro/image

Your investment: 239 Euro*

*Plus travel costs of 0.40 Euro per kilometer driven


A photo session as unique as you and your horse. If you have unusual wishes or ideas and my two packages are somehow “not enough”, then please contact me and I will gladly provide you with an individual offer.

Your investment: unique

The photo session

First we discuss your ideas and then set a date.
After the appointment, I will need one to two weeks to upload your images to an online gallery at Pixieset. Only you will receive this link, no one else will have access to it. If you don’t want this, please let me know.
I’ll be happy to help you choose your pictures and as soon as I’ve decided on your favorites, I’ll get them ready for you.


Prints and wall art

So that your memories don’t just sit on a hard disk, I’ll be happy to help you get the pictures off your hard disk. Whether it’s simple prints, a photo album or your horse as a wall picture, we’ll find the right one for you.


Taking a walk

If you book a walk with friends with photographic accompaniment, any travel costs will of course be shared. The organizer is my contact person for setting the date and scheduling on the day of the photo session. The organizer receives two additional pictures from me and a folder with prints of his selected pictures and all data for web and print on a USB stick.


Also important for you

Each package includes a private right of use unrestricted in terms of time and space. It is not permitted to re-edit, retouch or insert the photos into montages or collages. It is also not permitted to submit the resulting images to photo competitions, calendar competitions or similar. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact me at any time.

The prices quoted are final prices without sales tax according to the small business regulation according to §19UstG.

Lass uns aus Augenblicken Bilder für die Ewigkeit schaffen!

Melde dich gerne